loryslogoHospice at Home founded Lory's Place to fill an ongoing need in Southwestern Michigan, Northwest Indiana and beyond. We are a "Grief Healing and Education Center for Children and Families."

Losing a loved one to death is not easy no matter what your age. Lory's Place is here to provide life-affirming hope and guidance to children and adults during their time of grieving.

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Bereavement Services 

Grief support and bereavement services are available for family, friends and co-workers

Another important part of Hospice at Home care is our bereavement services. After a loved one dies it is natural to grieve. Feelings of grief may even begin at the time of a terminal diagnosis. Yet as natural as these feelings are, in our culture we are often not prepared for the impact grief will have on us emotionally, physically, socially and spiritually.

Grief is an individual experience. How you go through the grief process may be different than other members of your family or friends. There is no right or wrong way to grieve your loss. There is also no time limit on how long you will grieve.

While their intentions may be good, friends and family may not be equipped to provide the support and guidance you need in the days, months, even years of grieving ahead. Hospice at Home can help.

Your follow-up is great... Everyone grieves differently and it appears to me that you cover the many faces of grief.

The Hospice at Home bereavement program offers a variety of comprehensive resources and opportunities to support you during your grief. Bereavement staff members are available at any time in your grief process. There are anticipatory grief programs available before your loved one dies through Hospice at Home and Lory's Place. These programs support and guide children and adults anticipating the death of a loved one from a life-limiting disease, illness or injury. There are also bereavement support materials and programs that can help you for months after your loved one dies.

Among the programs offered are:

Lory's Place is a safe harbor for grieving children and the adults in their lives

When someone you love is dying, or dies, grief often rolls in like a wave that washes over not only the adults in your family, but the children, too. These waves of grief often come long after many people "think" they should stop. So you and your children may need a safe harbor where grief healing can occur at your pace.

Lory's Place is that safe harbor. As part of Hospice at Home, it was created especially for children, and the adults in their lives. It models the renowned Dougy Center in Portland, Oregon. Lory's Place offers programs that use peer-to-peer support to help all ages work through grief. These age-appropriate, regularly scheduled sessions help children, teens and adults offer the genuine understanding, empathy and advice that mend broken hearts and give each other hope. Everyone who participates comes away with a stronger self-esteem.

To register or learn more about our Hospice at Home and Lory's Place bereavement programs, contact us. But please don't wait with the hope that the difficult times will go away quickly. You will find our support during your grief healing very helpful as you and your family experience the changes that the death of a loved one brings to your life.

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