loryslogoHospice at Home founded Lory's Place to fill an ongoing need in Southwestern Michigan, Northwest Indiana and beyond. We are a "Grief Healing and Education Center for Children and Families."

Losing a loved one to death is not easy no matter what your age. Lory's Place is here to provide life-affirming hope and guidance to children and adults during their time of grieving.

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hospice residenceNow Open

The Merlin and Carolyn Hanson Hospice Center ­is complete! The center’s experienced hospice caregivers and volunteers are providing compassionate and comprehensive hospice residence services to southwest Michigan hospice patients who need a place to go for their end of life care: a home-away-from-home.

The Need

The Merlin and Carolyn Hanson Hospice Center helps our neighbors, friends, and family members answer questions such as “Who will care for me now?” and “Where will I go?” The specialized care at the hospice residence meets the needs of those who don’t have a caregiver, whose caregivers are too frail themselves, or those who do not want to die at home. 

Each of the 16 patient suites can accommodate family members to stay overnight. Natural views, private patio areas, and quiet spaces indoors help foster companionship and comfort among patients and visitors.

How You Can Help

You can donate online here

Gifts of any amount to the Merlin and Carolyn Hanson Hospice Center are greatly appreciated and allow each of us to be a part of caring for our neighbors. Your gift will provide room and board for those who have a financial need, as well as other special services at the Center.  For more information about supporting the hospice residence, contact the Lakeland Health Foundations at (269) 927-5143 or Hospice at Home at (269) 429-7100